Activity groups are a good way to meet new people and build friendships over common interests. Do you enjoy softball, cooking, playing an instrument, taking your child to playgroups, etc? We have activity groups for all of these and more.


What began as a one-time act to serve our homeless neighbors  in Hermann Park back in December 2009 evolved over the years into a regular ministry that seeks to bring God and fellowship to people of all walks of life.  The Hangout does this by embracing each outing like any other time among friends - with games, music and casual conversations. Perhaps most importantly, it seeks to develop a long-term partnership with our neighbors where all parties have a share in creating the space of the community. A group from Access goes out each second Saturday of the month. 


Do you have a baby, toddler, or young child, and would like to connect with others who do too? We have kids of varying ages in our playgroup, and we meet at parks and in homes. Come and join other parents!


To empower people with the knowledge and confidence to cook affordable, tasty, and healthy meals while providing a casual atmosphere to share about life together. A couple times a year, attendees bring dishes potluck-style accompanied by recipes to distribute and share a meal together .


Don't see an activity group that fits your interests? Form a new one! Contact if you have an idea.