Seedlings (infant - 2 yrs):

Our main focus in Seedlings is to share God's love by fostering a nurturing and safe space for kids.  Aqua babies and toddlers explore and discover through play and stories.  We currently do not use a curriculum, but the children follow a schedule and routines that establish consistency and create a safe environment.  While structure is important for children, we also try to leave enough space in our schedule to meet any needs that come up unexpectedly.


Sparks (3 yrs - 4 yrs) and Sprouts (Kinder - 3rd Grade):

Preschool and early elementary classes use the Tru Curriculum.  We hope to create sacred and fun spaces where "kids and their families connect to God, find their place in His big story, and respond to Him through the power of the Holy Spirit."

  • Sparks: Children at the preschool age seem to overflow with wonder and curiosity. We embrace these special parts of one's spiritual formation while laying down the foundations of knowledge and faith in Christ. In Sparks, we useTru Wonder from the Tru Curriculum to help them experience the wonder of who God is.
  • Sprouts: We believe children at this age are able to dive deeper into scripture, discover where they belong in Christ's narrative, and learn to listen and respond to the Holy Spirit. In Sprouts, we use Tru Story from the Tru Curriculum to unveil God's amazing plan for the world and to invite kids to be a part of it.

Stalks (4th Grade - 7th Grade):

The pre and early adolescent stage can be a very uncomfortable and challenging time for a child.  Stalks classes are created to foster  authenticity as kids learn to own their faith and discover their identity in Him.

For the 2015-2016 school year, we are using Believe, Kid's Edition by Randy Frazee.  Stalks kids will "learn what the Bible has to say about everything from the nature of God and the identity of Jesus, to prayer, worship, and the fruit of the Spirit. Each big category is divided into ten topics to give an up-close look at the important things God wants them to know."

Due to the wide age range of this class, the students meet in a large group for ice breakers, reflection over the week, and prayer.  Then they break into age appropriate small groups for the lesson.

Mentoring is also offered every fourth week of the month.  

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