AQUA Volunteer & family HANDBOOK

If you are a new family at our church, we would like to welcome you! The Aqua Family Handbook includes information about the Aqua children's ministry, including any rules and considerations we have for Sunday morning classes and information about partnering with Aqua.  Please feel free to contact us at if you have any questions.


aqua registration form

For safety reasons, we ask all parents to fill out our online registration form for each of their kids.

aqua volunteer Application forM and Process  

If you are interested in volunteering for our Aqua ministry, please fill out the volunteer application form. After submitting the form you will automatically be redirected to the Aqua volunteer background check authorization form (For the safety of our children, we require all volunteers to agree to a background check prior to volunteering in the classroom). Someone from the Aqua core team will contact you shortly afterwards.  Please note that all new volunteers will be asked to assist another teacher in the classroom prior to being allowed to teach the curriculum.


Aqua Restroom Assistance & Diaper-Changing Consent Form

Because Access seeks high safety standards to protect the children who participate in our ministries, we are requesting your informed consent regarding your child's restroom or toileting needs when he/she is under the care of Aqua volunteers. Please fill out the form, sign, and return to Amy Leung or e-mail to