Occasionally we hold events for the children of Access, including an annual Parents' Night Out, a Christmas Pageant, and playgroups for at-home parents with young children.  Visit this page to see what activities we have in store for our Aqua Kids!

Upcoming events

  • July 16, 2017- AQUA Volunteer Info Meeting, 11:30 am in Sprouts Room


Parents, are you looking for a place during the week for you and your little ones to connect with other adults and kids?  The Access Playgroup meets around twice a month at the home of a playgroup member.  Our goal for this time together is to create a safe place for kids to have FUN and interact with other children and also for parents to be ENCOURAGED through connections with those in similar seasons of life.  If you're interested, please contact playgroup@accesslive.org or aqua@accesslive.org.