Ezer is the Women's Ministry of Access. Currently, this ministry is on hold as we explore the future of women's ministry at Access. For more information, feel free to contact us.

What is "Ezer"?

“Ezer” (pronounced "ay-zer" and rhymes with razor) is the Hebrew word meaning "helper" in a variety of contexts. We first encounter the word "ezer" in Genesis Chapter 2 when God says it is not good for man to be alone, and so He creates a “suitable helper” for Adam. In the creation context, Adam is the male image bearer of God, and “ezer” is the female image bearer of God. Three other times in the OT “ezer” refers to nations who came to Israel's aid. Sixteen times “ezer” refers to God himself (e.g., Moses naming one of his sons “Eliezer”, “God is my helper” and in Psalm 121:1-2).  In the Bible “ezer” is most often used in a military context, reflecting God’s strength and power. 

Our Mission

As the women of Access we embrace our identities as strong and vital members of the body of Christ. Our mission is "to encourage, strengthen, and comfort the women of Access". These verbs are taken from 1 Corinthians 14, a passage about spiritual giftings. EZER strives to provide a safe and welcoming place for any woman to discover and fully live out who God created her to be. 


Even though mentoring through this ministry is on hold, we encourage you to still meet up with one another as that is what we are called to do. For anyone who is interested in forming these organic relationships, we have training resources and mentoring relationship information that can be passed onto you. Please contact us if you would like this information.

Contact Us!

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