Formation Groups offer deeper discipleship and deeper change.  By design, they involve a higher level of commitment than our other group expressions in order to foster a culture of high receiving and high challenge.  Spiritual practices, Faithwalking, and leadership principles form the content covered.  Leaders of our Formation Groups invest in and share life with members.  Participants can expect to do outside homework and engage in a coaching element.  Most groups will be made up of 4-6 members and meet bi-weekly.

For a detailed listing of current formation groups, see below. For more information, please contact us at

Formation Groups

2019 Spring Faithwalking Formation Groups

Focus: Faithwalking 201

Description: Faithwalking Formation groups are high-commitment groups consisting of 4-6 individuals committed to sharing life and learning to follow Jesus together. In addition to covering a range of spiritual formation topics, group members receive coaching and accountability as they seek to apply what they are learning into everyday practice. Faithwalking Formation Groups meet in person on a bi-weekly rhythm. Meetings include a time of prayerful sharing and listening, peer coaching and accountability, discussions around a new spiritual formation topic, personal reflection, and generating action steps. Pre-reading and homework assignments are also an essential part of the Formation Group experience. 

Attendee Requirements: Faithwalking Formation Groups are available to anyone who calls Access their home church, with priority given to Mission Partners when space is limited. Completion of Faithwalking 101 (offered by Access a couple of times per year) is required before joining a Faithwalking Formation Group.

Frequency: Meets bi-weekly for 2 hrs with coaching happening during non-meeting weeks for ~9 months.

Current Offerings:

  • Bi-weekly Tuesdays 7-9 PM | Leader: Victor Chiao | starts 3/26

  • Bi-weekly Fridays 7-9 PM (Women only) | Leader: Amy Leung | starts 3/29

  • Bi-weekly Sundays 2-4 PM | Leader: David Wu | starts 4/28

2018 Fall - 2019 Spring MIssion Partner Formation Groups

Focus: A Life of Discipleship Year 1

Description:  We envision Mission Partnership as a "rich, discipleship experience."  This group aims to equip Mission Partners with the tools and resources to sustain a lifetime of discipleship.  You will develop a strong theological foundation and understanding of discipleship as well as be challenged to learn new practices that will deepen your life with God in the areas of soul, community, and mission.  

Attendee Requirements: Must be Mission Partner*.  Click here to learn more about becoming a Mission Partner. 

Frequency:   Meets bi-weekly for 2 hrs with coaching happening during non-meeting weeks for 9 months.  

Current Offerings - SIGNUPS CLOSED

  • Heights or Memorial Area | Leader: Michael Shih | Bi-weekly Wed. 7-9 PM starting Oct. 3

  • Bellaire | Leader: Ted Law & Naoko Fu | Bi-weekly Fri. 9:30 - 11:30 AM starting Sept. 28

  • Access | Leader: John Lin | Bi-weekly Sun 2-3:30 PM starting Oct. 7

  • If you don't see a time that works for you, we encourage you to sign up and indicate your available times. We may open up an additional group on Tuesday nights or make other adjustments as necessary.