"Never stop learning." 



At Access we want to cultivate lifelong learners, because learning is so core to what it means to be a disciple.  Our Learning Labs and Learning Groups offer opportunities to engage great content with the many ways that people learn.  It’s not enough for information to just be “downloaded” from teacher to student.  We want participants to engage in reflection, discussion, and application so that learning turns into spiritual growth.  

Most learning labs take place as one-day workshops.  Learning Groups form around a particular topic and meet over a series of session. 


Our learning labs/groups fall into specific tracks to help you better determine which labs/groups are most appropriate for you in your current season of life and spiritual growth.

  • Foundations - The Foundations track is geared for seekers, new believers, and young believers.  This track is meant to introduce participants to core Christian beliefs.  
  • Spiritual Formation - The Spiritual Formation track seeks to help believers develop a richer interior life.  This track introduces practices and paradigms that equip followers of Christ to walk with God at a soul-level. 
  • Marriage and Parenting - This track aims to equip the growing number of couples and families at Access, with a larger vision of marriage and family life.  
  • Leadership and Equipping - This track provides high quality training for leaders and teachers at Access.  The best leaders are committed to ongoing learning. 
  • Missional Living - This track teaches people how to better participate in God’s redemptive mission.  
  • Biblical and Theological Formation - This track equips people to understand the Scriptures and think theologically.