Our Story

In August of 2007, a group of people gathered to reimagine what church could be and how we might form a new community of faith.  We met on Sundays in a neighborhood clubhouse. We prayed, studied the Scriptures, shared our stories, and envisioned our first steps toward becoming a new local church.

The name Access reflects a passage in the Scriptures, Romans 5:1-2. 
"Therefore, since we have been justified through faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom we have gained access by faith into this grace in which we now stand."

Our hope is to create an environment where everyone can connect with the grace we have been given in Jesus.  When Jesus began the church, he did not have in mind a building with a steeple and pews.  He was calling people to form a new community.  At Access we are learning how to be the church as each of us rediscovers our own humanity and the dreams God wants us to live.

Our Mission

We are a church seeking to live life with God in soul, community, and mission.

God invites us to experience a new life. We are not called to fix ourselves or do enough good to earn his favor. Rather, Jesus has made a way for us to be renewed by his death and resurrection. As we  place our faith in Jesus, we are transformed inside and out.

God has created a new community, the church, and we journey together. Even though  we are all imperfect, together we can offer one another love, grace, truth and challenge. Together we are learning to live the way that Jesus taught and become a preview of God’s coming kingdom.

The world is not the way it should be. It has been ruined by human sin. But God invites us join in his redemptive work bringing healing and restoration to our world.

Core Values

We commit to living out and cultivating the following Core Values of Access in our daily lives: 

We will join in God’s redemptive work.
We strive for God’s rightness of relationship for ourselves, our neighbors and our world through holistic and personal participation.

We will clear the path for others to Jesus. 
We use accessible language, creative environments, artistic expressions, and new practices to help people see past misconceptions of God and connect with him.  We are inspired by friends who would remove a roof and carry someone to Jesus.

We receive people as they are.
We accept people for who they really are, knowing that we are all in the process of being transformed into God’s truer, more complete versions of ourselves.

We value soul to soul connections.
We strive toward deep conversations with God and others by fighting against hurry and creating space in our own lives.  

We journey together.
We imagine life as a journey, the church as a community of companions, and union with God as our ultimate home.  We offer companionship to people of different stories and seasons of the soul.  

We engage the world around us with creativity.   
God is our Creator and we are stewards of his creation. 
We commit ourselves to joyful service.
We serve as Jesus taught us to serve, humbly offering our gifts and talents to bless others.