What is Aqua?


Aqua is the name of our children's community here at Access.  "Aqua" comes from the idea that water, or “aqua,” is a key ingredient that facilitates growth of all living organisms—especially younger organisms such as seedlings, sparks, and sprouts. We recognize that children are spiritually formed by God alone and that our role is more indirect. As teachers and parents, our role is to cultivate (rather than being the actual agent of growth, for that is God’s role) by providing the ingredients for growth, much like a farmer cultivates his crops.


Aqua's Mission

We believe that children are gifts from God and stewards of the Gospel for the next generation.  Aqua exists to articulate and pass down the mystery of the Christian faith, encouraging children to wonder and engage their imaginations as they seek to identify the stories of their own lives within the narrative of God’s story.  Aqua also believes that children are spiritually formed alongside their entire family unit and seeks to create opportunities for families to live missionally through worshipping and serving the world together.

If you have questions about the Aqua ministry, please contact the Family Pastor, Grace Lin.