About Mission Partnership

Mission Partners are the committed members of Access who are moving us forward in mission and learning to embody the core values of our church. They are culture creators, helping to make our community a place that fosters soul transformation, community, and mission. We are re-imagining the mission partnership to be more than an organizational necessity but an invaluable discipleship experience with partners in the faith becoming the living church.

To get started with Mission Partnership, sign up for our next Onramp lunch.  As a guest, you’ll learn the story, theology, and values that inform who we are.

Please see the Upcoming Events page for the next Onramp lunch or Mission Partner Info Meeting.

Once you’ve attended Onramp and the Mission Partnership Info Meeting (offered quarterly), please fill out the Mission Partner application.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this the same as membership? 

In our view, if you come to Access on any regular basis, you’re a “member” of our church.  We want people to know they belong without going through a formalized process.  Mission Partnership is a bit different; the emphasis isn’t on belonging but on becoming.  Mission Partners are committing to becoming the kind of people Jesus intended us to be.  Mission Partners are “all-in” in terms of pursuing our mission and embodying our values.  

What’s unique about your process? 

  • Low Barrier to Entry - Our process is meant to be meaningful without being cumbersome.  A person interested in becoming a mission partner can do so without needing to jump through many hurdles.  
  • Developmental - At the same time, we see Mission Partnership as an ongoing conversation.  This is why we ask our mission partners to participate in our Access Essentials Track sometime within the first year of becoming a mission partner.  The Access Essentials Track invites people to learn and take ownership of their spiritual journey.  
  • Communal - Onramp, the orientation, the commissioning and the check-in are all done in groups.  We see living into God’s purposes as a journey to be enjoyed together.
  • Personalized - Guides and conversation with Lead Team provide touchpoints for personalized attention.  

What is the Access Essentials Track?

This track consists of three experiences that are meant to help our mission partners learn how to actually live out our core values and mission around Soul, Community and Mission.  They combine teaching, training, discussion and hands-on participation so that learning occurs at a deeper level.  

  • Access: Soul - This is a one-day training introducing people to spiritual formation.  People learn what spiritual formation is, helpful practices, and how our community engages in the ongoing process of transformation.  
  • Access: Community - This workshop seeks to teach people how to live more connected, communal lives.  People learn a theology for community, useful practices like empathic listening and conflict resolution, and what gifts/strengths they have to share with the community. 
  • Access: Mission - This four-week workshop introduces people to the meaning of God’s mission in the world.  Participants leave with a greater understanding of God’s purposes in the world and practical ways to participate in His redemptive work.    

How do I get started with becoming a Mission Partner? 

Your first step is to attend one of our quarterly Onramp lunches.  As a guest, you’ll learn the story, theology, vision, and values of Access.  If you resonate with what you learn and want to take the next step, you’ll attend a Mission Partner Info Meeting, a brief gathering where you learn what it means to become a mission partner. 

RSVP for the next Onramp lunch below.

If you have any questions, please contact us at info@accesslive.org.