Stebbins is ALMOST Ready!

Here is an update on the construction process along with some pictures. It may not look like it, but everything is on schedule. Lots of things always come together at the very end of a project so this isn't unusual. 

Things like painting and tiling will start this week, lights will be going up, and HVAC will continue. The A/V is going in as we speak and last time I checked it is on schedule and will be done in time for the service on Dec 24.

New Walls are Going Up!

There's been a lot of progress at 1888 Stebbins. Check out the video (shown this past Sunday) where Dave Tien takes us on a tour through the new space. In both the video and photo gallery below, we're now able to see the framework of the new walls that will make up classrooms, meeting spaces, and the worship space.

PLEDGES & 1888 Stebbins PAWN Photos

Pledges were given this past Sunday! Thank you to everyone who turned in a pledge card or pledged online for the Love Builds Campaign!  (You can still submit your pledge online using this link).  

Thanks also to everyone who came out to pray and worship in our new space last Friday. He are photos from the warm but amazing Praise and Worship Night at 1888 Stebbins!

Access: A Progression of Space

To get an idea of how Access has grown in physical space over the past 10 years, here is the graphic Jon Luk shared this past Sunday of our growth from the original office to our current warehouse, and what Stebbins looks like in comparison. 

Click on image for full size.

Click on image for full size.

Initial Photos of 1888 Stebbins

We will be updating the progress of the buildout of 1888 Stebbins via this blog. 

Here are a few photos of 1888 Stebbins taken during an initial tour of the space before we decided to move ahead with the rental process.