Part of our mission at Access is to see people use the unique skills, giftings, and identities God's given to each of us and to use those towards changing the world towards something closer to what God intended.  We have many areas at Access where you can get involved in to help grow our mission. But we also want to hear from you, in how God has shaped and given you unique passions.  So if you need help in building something new, let us know!

Immediate Needs

Sunday Coordination Teams - Set Up, Connections, Announcements, Sunday Coordination

Every Sunday, various volunteers coordinate the flow of the gathering, make coffee/set out snacks, greet people at the door,  and make announcements at the end of every worship gathering. If you would like to help out in any of the above ways (or those not listed), please click the button below. We always welcome volunteers and are so grateful for their service.  

Other Service Opportunities:

Artists/Photographers:  We are looking for artists and photographers to help with web content and to help promote Sunday messages.  Whether you use traditional or digital media, we can make it work. Contact

Worship & Audio Team:  Do you want to be a part of a team responsible for facilitating our entire community towards deeper dialogue with God together?  If so, consider the worship team.  We're always embracing all kinds of musicians and audio experts.   But beyond that, we also welcome those who are resourceful, visionary, and sensitive to the spirit, even if you don't fit the traditional definitions of someone on the worship team. For more information, contact

Facilities Management:  Do the flickering lights in the bathrooms drive you nuts?  Let us know if you can help out with organizing the cleaning, repairing, and all things facilities. Contact

Setup and Breakdown Teams:   Do you appreciate how we have coffee and breakfast on Sunday mornings and signs that point your way to Access?  We need volunteers to come a little early or stay a little late to help with Sunday morning setup and cleanup. If you are able to help, please contact or

Connection Team:  Do you get excited when you meet someone new?  Help us put names to faces and make sure they know what's going on at Access. Contact

Media Team: Part of the Sunday morning experience is the visual and audio media interface through slides, background music, and video. Training will be provided for those new to the software. If you are interested helping to manage the Sunday slides/ videos, contact